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Hello, thank you for visiting Holly’s Hobby. I have a new home. You can find all my depressing inspiring and reflective writing over there. If you are kind enough to follow me you might need to resubscribe. Thanks for your support.

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My manifesto

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Today I feel like crying

I’m okay for a while, I tick along, doing my thing, being a mum, being a wife, keeping my career on track.  Then one day, like today, I just can’t do it any more.  One 5.30am start too many.  One nightmare at bedtime too far that tips me over the edge of my sanity.  It … Continue reading »

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Inspired by Josie’s Writing Workshop, here’s a short post about Tell me about a childhood passion that somehow got left behind as you moved into your adult life. Decoupage, collage, scrapbooking, chucking a load of random but pretty things together. This is what I used to love as a child. It was fun, creative and … Continue reading »

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I want to be like you

I want to be thinnerI want to be prettierI want to be clevererI want to be like you I want to have nicer handsI want to have nicer hairI want to have a better brainI want to be more than I am I want a big houseI want lots of cashI want lots of stuffI … Continue reading »

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The truth about me

I thought about writing to Josie’s prompt “What are the voices in your head saying today” but to be honest I don’t think I’m ready to share that. My blog is very personal and very honest but I stop short of giving you verbatim what is actually going on in this head of mine. If … Continue reading »

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The journey was fun, I won’t deny itBut really, it took so much searchingI knew you were out there waiting for meI just had to keep on looking I tried in many places, all wrong of courseThe good, the bad, the nastyI cried, I smiled, I gave up a bitI took to my work, it … Continue reading »

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The Birthday.

Here’s another entry courtesy of Josie’s writing workshop. The prompt is: 1. What do you seem unable to learn or remember, no matter how hard you try? My best friend’s birthday. I know it’s coming up soon. I know it’s in January. She’s aquarius. I have known her since school, she has been there for … Continue reading »

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Finding you

I expected to love you with all my heartI imagined that great wave to hit meI cried when they put you in my armsYou were here and I was a mummy. Don’t worry it’s normal everyone saidYou’re tired, exhausted please restShe needs you more than anyone elseKeep going it’s for the best I waited for … Continue reading »

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