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Meandering reflections

When all is quiet in my house I feel strangely removed.  It’s like I have gone back in time to a life before I got married and had kids, a life where I lived alone and did what I wanted when I wanted.  I always treasure these brief moments alone, where no one can ask … Continue reading »

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Who will watch me on my Scooter?

I know you want to see him darling, and I do too, but he’s had to go on a wonderful, exciting journey.  He’ll be thinking of you the whole time; how much he loves you, what a brave boy you are, how fast you are on your scooter now.  He’ll be thinking about how well you … Continue reading »

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Today I feel like crying

I’m okay for a while, I tick along, doing my thing, being a mum, being a wife, keeping my career on track.  Then one day, like today, I just can’t do it any more.  One 5.30am start too many.  One nightmare at bedtime too far that tips me over the edge of my sanity.  It … Continue reading »

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In search of the Black Hill

In response to Josie at Sleep for the Weak’s excellent writing workshop prompt:   Introduce us to a book that changed your life. On the Black Hill, Bruce Chatwin You could say this book changed my life, but more than that it gave me a wonderful set of lasting happy memories at a time in my … Continue reading »

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Inspired by Josie’s Writing Workshop, here’s a short post about Tell me about a childhood passion that somehow got left behind as you moved into your adult life. Decoupage, collage, scrapbooking, chucking a load of random but pretty things together. This is what I used to love as a child. It was fun, creative and … Continue reading »

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I want to be like you

I want to be thinnerI want to be prettierI want to be clevererI want to be like you I want to have nicer handsI want to have nicer hairI want to have a better brainI want to be more than I am I want a big houseI want lots of cashI want lots of stuffI … Continue reading »

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The truth about me

I thought about writing to Josie’s prompt “What are the voices in your head saying today” but to be honest I don’t think I’m ready to share that. My blog is very personal and very honest but I stop short of giving you verbatim what is actually going on in this head of mine. If … Continue reading »

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The journey was fun, I won’t deny itBut really, it took so much searchingI knew you were out there waiting for meI just had to keep on looking I tried in many places, all wrong of courseThe good, the bad, the nastyI cried, I smiled, I gave up a bitI took to my work, it … Continue reading »

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The Birthday.

Here’s another entry courtesy of Josie’s writing workshop. The prompt is: 1. What do you seem unable to learn or remember, no matter how hard you try? My best friend’s birthday. I know it’s coming up soon. I know it’s in January. She’s aquarius. I have known her since school, she has been there for … Continue reading »

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Finding you

I expected to love you with all my heartI imagined that great wave to hit meI cried when they put you in my armsYou were here and I was a mummy. Don’t worry it’s normal everyone saidYou’re tired, exhausted please restShe needs you more than anyone elseKeep going it’s for the best I waited for … Continue reading »

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