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Who will watch me on my Scooter?

Posted by on March 29, 2010

I know you want to see him darling, and I do too, but he’s had to go on a wonderful, exciting journey. 

He’ll be thinking of you the whole time; how much he loves you, what a brave boy you are, how fast you are on your scooter now.  He’ll be thinking about how well you are talking now, how kind you are and how you always share your favourite toys with your friends.  He’ll be thinking about you when you eat your breakfast, when we go to nursery, when you’re watching Thomas.  And he’ll be there when I tuck you in at night and read you a story.

When I’ve kissed you goodnight and told you I love you, he’ll be there up high in the sky looking through your window and making sure you have exciting dreams.  He’ll be sitting on the closest star, shining brightly at you and smiling.

No you won’t be able to see him darling.  That’s because he’s going to be spending most of his time on his journey.  He’ll be very safe though, as he’s on his way to a wonderful place called Heaven.  You can’t visit him there, but every time you think about him he’ll be with you, beside you, loving you. 

I know you want to play football with him and show him how good you are on your scooter, and I know you want to give him a big cuddle.  He’d love that too.  But because he can’t be here like he used to be, you’d better watch out because I’m a pretty good footballer myself.

Mummy might be a bit sad at the moment, but you and your baby sister are the most special, most important people in my life.  I love you both more than anything and you make me very happy and very proud.   You make your Daddy proud too and I know you’re going to be the best big brother in the world and we’re going to be a very happy family.

This was inspired by Josie’s Writing Workshop prompt: 3. What a story or a poem or something descriptive to try and share your view of what happens when we die. Perhaps you could write it as a way of explaining a hard concept to your children?

It was also inspired by a very good friend who tragically lost her husband recently.

6 Responses to Who will watch me on my Scooter?

  1. Jen

    This is a lovely post, really captures the feelings involved. Jen.

  2. submum

    Beautiful words in such tragic circumstances. So sorry to hear about your friend.

  3. geekymummy

    A friend of mine lost her husband too, aged 35. Just awful. Whats worse is he had no life insurance and she hasn’t worked since her daughter was born 4 years ago.

    For me this is another reminder not to quit an income generating job completely upon having kids, though it doesn’t pleasant to think about it does happen.

  4. In Monkey's Shadow

    Beautifully written and so sad. You have me in tears.

  5. If I Could Escape . . .

    Such a lovely, beautifully written post.

  6. Sandy Calico

    That’s beautifully written, I have tears streaming down my face. What a tragedy. Sending healing thoughts to your and your friend x

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